Prescribing Humour in Healthcare: and I ain’t kiddin!
29th September to 19th November 2010
(eligible for 16 National CME points)


Course description

8 two hour with lectures, workbook.



2.30 -  4.30pm Wednesday
29 September  
6 October        
13 October       
20 October                       
27 October       
3 November     
10 November   
17 November



Mater Dei Hospital


Core Subjects

Completion of the course will enhance participant’s ability to: 

n       Understand the experience of humor and the experience of laughter

n       Identify the three core therapeutic impacts of humour

n       Distinguish between the physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits of humour

n       Understand the different types of laughter and the impact of humour

n       Attempt using the 8-Step Humor Development Training Program

n       Understand the universal triggers of a humorous experience

n       Outline the philosophical literature on humor throughout history

n       Understand the development of humour in children

n       Describe linguistic humour and language play:  Irony, Paradox, Parody and, Satire

n       Understand the therapeutic use of humour

n       Distinguish between fact and fiction related to the physiological benefits of humour

n       Identify appropriate and inappropriate targets of humour

n       Enhance development of a sense of humor: ways to increase one’s ‘humour quotient’

n       Identify how humor can be used as a treatment tool

n       Understand how to develop and expand one’s humour interventions

n       Integrate a model of therapeutic humour at work.



Dr JOSEPH G. AGIUS, M.Sc. (Dublin), Ed.D. (Sheffield), is a registered Speech Language Pathologist with special interest in fluency disorders and humour research. He holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Speech and Language Studies from Trinity College, University of Dublin and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sheffield. As partner expert nominated by the University of Malta, Dr. Agius collaborates with experts from eight European Universities on the development and delivery of the ‘European Clinical Specialization Course in Fluency Disorders’. He has an extensive background in training, lecturing, evaluation, facilitation and programme management. Dr. Agius has experience working with diverse populations around Europe helping to develop skills in communication, leadership and public speaking, and conflict management. He is Senior Principal of the Speech Language Department and employed by the Health Division, Government of Malta. Dr. Agius is reviewer for the Journal of Fluency Disorders and lectures at the University of Malta on ‘Fluency Disorders’, ‘Language and Psychiatry’ and ‘Creativity, Humour and Communication’. He is member on the Board of Studies of the Communication Therapy Division, University of Malta.  Dr. Agius has been a state-appointed family mediator since the very inception of the Family Court in 2003 and Civil and Commercial Mediator in 2008.  

Regular registration

 € 100