Statistics and Critical
Appraisal of the Literature

Wednesdays 7 April-9 June 2010, 2.30 – 4.30pm
Eligible for 20 National CME points


Course description

9 two hour lectures and 1 2 hour practical session


Wednesdays 7th April to 9th June 2010, 2.30 – 4.30 pm


Lecture room 4, 1st floor near chapel, Mater Dei Hospital

Core Subjects

Session 1:  Introduction-Setting up a study - steps involved, including what is needed for a sample size calculation etc.
Session 2:  Variables - types of variables and examples: categorical, continuous, ordinal & Distributions - binomial, poisson, normal distributions; applications of each
Session 3:  Types of studies - cohort, case-control etc and the advantages and disadvantages of each & Sampling techniques - Types of sampling - random or not; incl special situations
Session 4:  Measures of central tendency - mean, mode, median, standard deviation, standard error & Confidence Intervals - derivation and interpretation
Session5:  Hypothesis testing - principles of ...; p-values & Significance tests - which test to use in which scenario
Session 6:  ORs, RRs, PPV - odds ratios, relative risk, use of positive predictive values, screening statistics & Regression techniques.  Touch on other techniques-survival, meta-analysis
Session 7:  Critical Appraisal introduction & class exercise
Session 8:  Critical Appraisal workshop
Session 9: Critical Appraisal workshop
Session 10:  R demonstration at  University


Dr Neville Calleja


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(till 31st March 2010)


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