Mediterranean Rhinoplasty Course
25-27 February 2011


Course description

An intensive 3-day instructional rhinoplasty course with optional anatomical dissection for a limited number of participants ensuring direct interaction with the faculty. An enjoyable social programme for delegates and accompanying persons guarantees a warm Mediterranean welcome.

The lecture topics will include:

  • Aesthetics and the preoperative consultation
  • The bony and cartilaginous nasal pyramid
  • The nasal tip
  • Septal reconstruction
  • The Mediterranean nose

Teacher of Honour
Prof Gilbert Nolst Trenité,
Amsterdam Medical Centre

The Faculty
Miriam Bonisch, Linz, Austria

Peter Lohuis, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Dirk-Jan Menger, Amsterdam Medical Centre

Course Coordinator
Adrian Agius, Malta

Course registration

With dissection €1200

Without dissection €700