The Project

  " ... and the Staff of Asclepius shall be proudly raised in the
House of the Lion Rampant on this honeystoned Isle of the Middle Sea ..."

Mission Statement

“to accelerate the diffusion of best evidence-based medical information and to foster interaction and discussion among healthcare providers using the latest information technology”   


The Malta Institute for Medical Education (M.I.M.E.) is a new concept for an international teaching institute created to promote postgraduate medical education in Malta. In putting together an international faculty, a team of established local academics have invited international authorities as well as prominent expatriate Maltese lecturers in all medical disciplines to collaborate together.  The academic content will include formal didactic courses, but also skills courses, as well as workshops, seminars, conferences and masterclasses. M.I.M.E. will also be hosting a virtual academy supporting online training.  
M.I.M.E. is perceived by its promoters as a growing cluster of medical knowledge facilities, multidisciplinary medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and paramedical, and it addresses the needs of these other allied professional groups.  The services offered by the Institute will not be limited to local graduates, but will be extended to countries in the Mediterranean basin, as well as North Africa.  
Strategically, Malta is well placed as a location for this centre. The proposed Institute will be the only one of its kind in Southern Europe and North Africa.  The fact that it will be located in an English-speaking country which is safe, within the European Union and therefore politically and economically stable, with a wealth of history and culture, and enjoying an excellent maritime climate, renders it all the more attractive and unique.  

Potential interested course organisers are invited to forward a detailed proposal of the scientific content of the proposed activity to the organising committee of MIME (contact information as below).